Facility Life

Our facility has over one hundred volunteers ranging from school age children to retired individuals and family members of our residents.  We partner with local schools like LaSalle to offer intergenerational programming.  We also utilize volunteers to go on trips/outings so residents can still be an active part of the local community.  If you are interested in volunteering, you may contact Patti Scott, Recreation Coordinator at (518) 283-2000 ext. 487.
Visitor Meals
The facility has always supported family members sharing lunch or dinner with residents.  This allows family members who lead active, busy lives to include a visit with their loved one without having to interrupt their meal.  In some cases, it offers the resident the comfort level they need to increase their nutritional intake.  Family members must sign up 30 minutes prior to the meal so we can make sure we have enough available.  To see the Winter/Fall and Summer/Spring menus, please click on the links below.

Fall/Winter Menu

Spring/Summer Menu