At the Van Rensselaer Manor, we pride ourselves in our diverse recreation programs that cater to a wide variety of interests.  We have programs to stimulate the mind and the body and we tailor them to meet the needs of our residents.  This includes everything from gardening, word games, puzzles, board games, physical games, animal programs and spiritual programs.  We also partner with a wide variety of agencies to showcase what our community has to offer to strengthen the intergenerational programming that residents have consistently enjoyed.  Click on the links below to see the current month's recreation calendars by unit.

Monthly Recreation Schedule (A2, A3, B2, B3, C1, C2 and C3)
A1 Monthly Calendar
B1 Monthly Calendar

We offer unique opportunities for our residents to continue to lead active lives outside of the facility.  We have over 100 volunteers, many of whom had family members or friends who were rehabilitated or lived at the facility.  Along with our staff, our volunteers accompany residents to local restaurants, shopping trips, music and sporting events.  Each year we schedule trips to the Valley Cats, the Albany Symphony Orchestra, Capital Repertory, the Racino, Saratoga Racetrack, Captain JP Cruises, Grafton State Park, Fishing, Italian Community Center, Ballroom Dancing and many, many more.  We believe residents need to continue to maintain a connection with their local community even when they have been placed in long term care.

If you are interested in volunteering for the facility, you can contact Patti Scott, Recreation Coordinator at (518) 283-2000 ext. 487.