Meet our team.....

Nicole Danaher, LPN (pictured here with Angie Mainello) has been an employee at Van Rensselaer Manor since 2001. She started out as a CNA and utilized tuition waivers offered to Rensselaer County employees in order to obtain her LPN degree. She is now working toward her RN degree and has always been a persistent and vocal advocate for the elderly including our own Angeline Mainello.  In 2017, she received an educational scholarship through ANSA to provide assistance in paying for her tuition to become a Registered Nurse.


Here is what Alexa Genhofer, RN Head Nurse (pictured here with Marjorie Degnan) had to say about her experience working at Van Rensselaer Manor:

“When I applied for a CNA position at Van Rensselaer Manor in 2012 I still was not sure on the career path I was meant to lead. However, as I journeyed through training and certification, I quickly realized my passion for not only health care, but also improving the quality of life in the geriatric population.  So in 2013, with the support and mentorship from many staff at Van Rensselaer Manor, I enrolled in evening courses at Maria College for Nursing. There were many challenging times throughout my education where my persistence was tested; from early mornings to late nights and all of life in between. Van Rensselaer Manor aided in my success by working with me when my school schedule got hectic.  I even received some tuition assistance when I had to pick up an extra course at HVCC. I have been a Registered Nurse for almost three years and oversee the care of forty residents at Van Rensselaer Manor. Every day I come to work knowing I have the opportunity to make a positive impact in someone’s life. My career is not one that I take
lightly,nor is it easy, but I am proud to say it is one that I love”.