Updated Visitation Policy


There are still many questions about visitations, as the Health Dept. regulations continue to evolve. Below are the latest protocols in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format so that families and friends of VRM residents can be kept up-to-date.


How do I schedule a visit/outing outside of the building or an outdoor walk?

All visitation can be scheduled through unit liaisons:

Katie Breslin, 1st floor residents, ext. 329

Janet Roseberger, 2nd floor residents, ext. 302

Donna Golden, 3rd floor residents, ext. 451

Please notify your liaison at the time of scheduling if you have special requests (i.e., courtyard visit, use of whiteboard, amplifier, etc.)


How early should I arrive?

Please consider arriving 15-20 minutes before your scheduled visit to allow for the screening process due to the number of people that are coming at each time slot.


Will I need a COVID test?

Visitor testing and vaccination helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. Prior to entering the facility, you will be asked to show your vaccination card if you have one.  If not, you will be offered a rapid COVID-19 test as recommended by the Dept of Health. Visitors are not required to be tested or vaccinated (or show proof of such as a condition of visitation) but it is greatly appreciated to help protect the residents who live here. The test is a nasal swab (just inside the tip of your nose) and is not painful. Results are complete in 15 minutes. 


How long are in-person visits scheduled for?

Visits are scheduled for 45 minutes so that we can accommodate sanitization in between visits and so that all residents can get visits from family.


Can I bring an item to the visit like a gift?

Items can be brought to the visit; however, food or drinks are not allowed to be consumed by residents or visitors during the visit because fitted masks are required to be worn at all times.


Where will we meet and how will we get there?

We are doing visits for 2nd and 3rd floor residents on the C1 wing (on the first floor) which has been closed now for several months. You will have a room to visit in and places to sit.  The outside courtyard is also available, weather permitting.  All residents on the dementia units are visited on their unit in the sun porch. You will be escorted by staff who will discourage contact with other residents.  If you have questions during the visit about care, let the staff know and they will have a social worker or nurse reach out to you.  These visits are social visits, but if something needs to be addressed immediately, ask to speak to Bonni or Sue and we will assist.


Why can’t I go to Mom’s room for a visit?

Visitation is not permitted in rooms where a resident shares a room with another resident.  As there are only a few private rooms on each unit, it would not be fair for those who do not reside in private rooms to have in room visits.  Additionally, a staff member would have to be present to supervise the visit. Our staffing patterns do not allow for a one-to-one assignment and it would be difficult to accommodate privacy for the visit.  On another note, most of the private rooms are being utilized for quarantine for readmissions from the hospital.


What are the requirements during the visit?

If the resident has been vaccinated, they can have close physical contact so long as they sanitize prior to and after the contact. The staff is expected to monitor those who are unvaccinated to ensure that social distance is maintained during the visit, regardless of whether or not the visitor is vaccinated. Fitted masks must be worn at all times during the visit over the mouth and nose.


What is an End of Life visit?

Residents may receive visits at the bedside if they are at the end of their life.  This is determined by the clinical team. Two family members are allowed at a time for a total of two hours of visitation daily.  Family must wear full PPE (gown, mask, face shield) if there is a room mate. If you have been approved for these visits, your name will be listed at the front desk. You can notify security when you arrive and they will have you escorted to the room.


Can we take residents off the property (dinner, home, for a drive, etc.)?

Yes, but you must schedule with our liaisons so we can have the resident ready to go with all the items they will need for the outing. Let us know an estimated time frame that you will be gone so we can determine what the resident will need and whether medications or meals need to be adjusted.  The resident must return to the facility by 11:00 PM.


Can you assist in getting my loved one into the car for an outing?

We cannot assist you with the transfer in or out of the car, but we are happy to train you to do safe transfers.  Speak to the nurse or social worker about having therapy review for car transfers.


Can I come and get my Mom or Dad and take them for a walk on the grounds?

Yes, but we are asking that you schedule this so that we can treat this as an outing. This would require you to sign paperwork acknowledging responsibility to ensure compliance with State regulations. Otherwise, we would have to directly supervise the walk. We would rather you have your privacy and enjoy your time together. 


Can my Mom go outside on her own?

Yes, if the resident is alert and oriented and able to safely comply with our patio rules, they are able to get a pass from their unit and come down to the front patio like the old days. They must wear a mask leaving the unit and maintain social distancing while on the patio. We will have staff monitoring. We are hopeful that family will respect this space as the residents’ space and will refrain from entering the patio so that the residents do not lose the privilege of having their “own” outdoor space. If the resident is not safe to be out without being supervised, we have nursing students back in the building (all are tested as if they are employees) and activity staff will be alternating units to ensure that everyone gets outside when the weather is nicer. 


What happens to visitation if a resident, employee or visitor tests positive for COVID?

We are required to suspend visitation (except for end of life visits and compassionate care visits on non-affected units) until at least one round of facility-wide testing is completed. Visitation can resume for residents on non-affected units if testing reveals no additional positive cases.  If additional positive cases are identified on other units, facility-wide visitation is suspended for at least 14 days and until no additional cases are identified.